What We Do

Individuals and businesses sometimes face high-dollar, high-risk problems that require resolution through trial, appeal, or alternative dispute resolution. Merritt Law, PLLC focuses on (1) the accurate assessment of risks presented by your case, (2) the development of strategies, in collaboration with you, aimed at the specific problems presented by the case, and (3) the efficient, cost-effective conduct of proceedings before courts or ADR tribunals.

Some cases demand an army of lawyers. Most cases do not, even many high-exposure disputes. By focusing on the tasks essential to preparing for trial, leveraging technology, and applying client resources to the critical issues, the firm seeks to optimize results and drive value.

How We Work

The firm’s objectives are to be capable, responsive, and efficient. Before we are engaged, we conduct a confidential preliminary assessment of the engagement with the individual client or with the business client’s key decisionmakers. We discuss potential options to resolve your litigation problem. Should you choose to engage the firm, we work closely with you to monitor the status of your case and evaluate key decisions.

Our expectation is that we will work closely with the client throughout the engagement. We have relationships that give us access to lawyers who can team with us, and to assistance with research as needed. We strive to maintain a paper-free environment and work on the cloud. We use outside vendors to manage large document reviews and productions.

Fees and arrangements for payment are based on our assessment of the risks of the case, the demands on our time, the level of expertise required, the resources of the adversary, and the anticipated duration of the matter.

Who We Are

Craig Thomas Merritt is an experienced lawyer who has appeared in trials and appeals at every level of the Virginia and United States federal court systems.

He is a graduate of Duke University and the University of North Carolina School of Law. He began practice in Richmond, Virginia as an Assistant Attorney General, where he led the antitrust enforcement unit before departing for private practice.  He has been active in the organized bar, and has served, among other things, as Chairman of the Virginia State Bar Antitrust and Franchising Law Committee, an instructor in the VSB’s mandatory Professionalism Course, and President of the Bar Association of the City of Richmond.  His achievements are reflected in his Fellowship in the American College of Trial Lawyers.  He is also a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

Merritt’s practice reflects a diverse portfolio of complex litigation matters.  His cases have involved antitrust issues such as horizontal agreements (including grand jury representation), monopolization, and state action; patent litigation, where he has served as local co-counsel in infringement disputes over microelectronics, medical devices, and software development; high-dollar contract disputes in the railroad industry; and defense of high-exposure lawyers’ professional liability claims.  He has worked on class action matters in fields that include antitrust and consumer lending law.

An important aspect of his work is the representation of publishers, broadcasters, and press organizations. He has handled freedom of information and court access litigation, protection of journalists’ privileges, and the defense of publishers and broadcasters in defamation actions.  He is a member of the Defense Counsel Section of the Media Law Resource Center and received the George Mason Award from the Virginia Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. He is a member of the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame.  

Merritt is also called upon by professional colleagues and judges to assist in dispute resolution.  He has served as a mediator and arbitrator.  He has been appointed as a Special Master in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, including assignments on cases with international parties engaged in disputes over alleged intellectual property theft and insurance coverage.

Details of these engagements, subject to applicable confidentiality requirements, are available upon request.

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